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Nurturing Strong Student-Teacher Relationships
Neil Gupta
Director Of Secondary Education
Worthington City Schools, OH
What surprised you most on your day as a student?
Our students want to get to know their teachers. They really do. No matter the age. We observed numerous opportunities where teacher’s checked in with students by asking them to share something good that happened to them over the weekend. This reminded us of the importance in sharing about yourself, telling them how your weekend went, and acknowledging birthdays (even in Spanish)! All things teachers took the time to do during our day. The difference it makes is worth every second.
What student needs are you motivated to address after Shadowing?
Create Opportunities to Foster Curiosity - We were blown away by the hard work and creativity of each teacher creating an essential question, a “bell ringer”, or lesson to spark curiousity among the students. Coming off the heals of the NFL “My Cause, My Cleats” game, one teacher opened class with pictures of various cleats and causes the certain NFL players showcased the previous night. He allowed time for students to brainstorm their cause and show design as an opening activity. This proved to be a great segway to the lesson on selecting a certain historical person/perspective to research in continuing their passion project. I'd like to find more ways to build this.
"Our students want to get to know their teachers. They really do. No matter the age."
What actions are you taking based on your Shadow Day learnings?
Continue building open conversations with our students to gather feedback throughout the year in order to improve our opportunities and supports.

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