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Every Administrator Should Shadow
Stacy Monette
Baird Middle School, MA
Shadowing Annually
In her third year as a middle school Principal, Stacy Monette has been Shadowing her grade 6, 7, and 8 students since taking on her role as a school leader.
Selecting Diverse Students
In her first two Shadow experiences, Stacy focused on her “superstar” students. In 2019, she selected a quiet student who has made significant strides over the years. She realized the importance of Shadowing diverse students.
Starting the Year Right
In her time as Principal, Stacy has implemented a schedule for the first three days of each new school year that does not involve any academics in favour of a focus on building relationships. During her empathy interview with the Shadow team, she stated: "I feel like every administrator should do this. It should be part of your contract".

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